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Roundball Sports

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Round Ball Sports – Many of us spend a lot of time at our desks or on the couch.  We all know we need to exercise but walking or going to the gym can be boring and isolating.  Round ball sports of all kinds can change that!  Whether you’re at home or at your local park, you can throw a Baseball (or Softball), hit a Tennis ball, take a Golf swing and shoot a Basketball for great exercise and fun competition and even weight loss.  To play any of the round ball sports, all you need is the right equipment and maybe some cold drinks to cool you off!

Baseball Equipment:  Dating back to the 1830s, baseball has endured as the oldest of the round ball sports to originate in America.   To start playing, you’ll need baseballs, a bat and some mitts.  Advancements in safety, comfort and durability have made today’s gear far more desirable for even the casual player.  The improvements made to baseball (and softball) equipment may be the most dramatic of all round ball sports.

Tennis Equipment:  Like all round ball sports, tennis involves directing a ball to a desired location.  The right racket will have a big impact on your success.  The many different movements and frequent play without breaks make the right apparel desirable, as well.  As with the other round ball sports, you may want to bring along a towel or sweatbands, too.

Golf Equipment:  Golf is the oldest of the round ball sports, with its origin in the early 1400s, and requires the greatest investment in supplies and equipment.  You’ll need a set of golf clubs and a few golf balls and tees to get started.  There are many different choices to make that can enhance your experience and improve your score.  Like all round ball sports, the right shoes can have a big impact on your game, as well.  The exercise from long distance walking is a specific benefit other round ball sports do not provide.  Bring along a pedometer and brag about how many miles you covered!

Basketball Equipment:  In terms of cost and accessibility, basketball may be the easiest of the round ball sports to get into.  Invented in 1891, the game required only a basketball and a basket and that is still true today.  Anyone can play.  Even a small child can drop a ball through a basket if the bucket is the right height.  Of all round ball sports, basketball has produced the most variations on itself with fun games like Around-The-World and H-O-R-S-E.

If you live in a location that has four seasons, you’ll have to wait to play baseball and golf but tennis and basketball can be played year-round indoors.  On that first warm day, why not choose one of the round ball sports and get out there?  If you go to the park, bring along the rest of your round ball sports equipment and switch to one of the other games if the mood strikes. Why not make a day of it?  Take along lunch in a picnic cooler.  Round ball sports are more fun than walking on a treadmill!  Softball, kickball and golf leagues are very popular and many are designed for adult beginners.  Of course, all round ball sports provide youth instruction and league play at every level.  So whether you are single or married, with or without kids, get out there and meet some new people!

With round ball sports, you can enjoy both aerobic exercise (long, slow, cardiovascular) and anaerobic exercise (intense, short duration, muscle building). The friendly competition and workouts you enjoy through round ball sports will revitalize you and even improve your health.  As you get in better shape, you will want to play even more.  So get started with the right equipment and start playing round ball sports!

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